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Coachella Ticket Prices in US Dollars

** In 2000 Coachella was cancelled and in 2010 to present the festival only offered 3 day passes **

Coachella Attendance Over The Weekend

In 2000, Coachella took a turn for the worst and cancelled due to an oversaturation of music festivals in Southern California. As the steady rise in attendance continued, Coachella hit their first sellout of tickets in 2004. The festival continued to break records of attendance until 2008 when they fell short again in their ticket sale goal. As 2010 approached, Coachella created a new system where attendees could only purchase 3-day GA passes instead of single days, and despite the mixed reviews, the festival not only sold out of tickets but reached a new all-time high in attendance. The first year of the new 3-day system and breaking attendance resulted in riots and thousands breaking through fences which lead to several investments and improvements for the years to follow. As the demand for tickets rose in 2011, the festival implemented an expansion in 2012 to hold the festival on two separate weekends, with identical lineups for each. Coachella has been thriving ever since.

Genres and Number of Artists Through the Years

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It's no surprise that as Coachella continued to grow, the number of artists would continue to increase as well. But there are interesting trends of growth in some genres as compared to others. The 'alternative' genre did not have a steady rise as the festival grew, rather the number of artists each year were scattered for this genre, continuously decreasing and increasing. Starting in 2011, the 'dance/house' genre started booming as the EDM scene was getting much attention this year. Since then, the Coachella has been bringing very many dance/house artists to the festival. The punk and pop genres continued to suffer each year as they generated some of the lowest numbers each year as compared to the other genres.

Top Genres as shown by Number of Artists

Number of Artists Genre Year
46 Indie 2011
42 Indie 2013
42 Electronic 2008
40 Indie 2012
39 Indie 2015
38 Dance 2014
38 Indie 2010
36 Dance 2015
36 Indie 2009
34 Indie 2007

Indie, Dance, and Electronic music have taken Coachella by storm year after year. Indie, especially, has been a prominent genre through the years of Coachella, and still to this day plays a strong role in the festival. Indie bands such as Vampire Weekend, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Phoenix, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Modest Mouse, Arcade Fire and many more have made multiple appearances at Coachella.

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